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Star Revenge 5: Neo Blue Realm
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Hi, I'm Vidoy
Big Grin 
Hi there!

I'm Vidoy, and I'm the webmaster of sm64hacks! Come in and enjoy our community Mario

I'm a huge fan of the hacks of Super Mario 64, but it's never been easy to find them, or any information about them. You either had to browse websites, forums and youtube, or just know the right people. That's why I and some friends decided to make a website like this, which will hopefully contain every hack of Mario 64 ever made!

I hope we can make this into a great comunity with time, welcome to everyone  Yoshi
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario
(A bit late :P)

Gotta say, thank you so much for making this website, it's like a dream come true Yoshi

Quick question, have you ever made or are making a hack yourself?
Thanks Yoshi awesome to see someone with the same passion for this as me

I've thought about making a hack, but I love playing them too much :P
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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