Super Mario 64
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SM64 Volcano Island
Hi people. I'm doing another SM64 hack, because I canceled my old hack called SM64 Island Adventure, due to many problems and my maps are rubbish. The hack is called SM64 Volcano Island, which has 6 courses, 1 secret, 2 Bowser levels, 50 stars.

Synopsis: In Bob-omb Island, Bowser goes to the volcano and will do erupt to destroy the village of Bob-ombs. Now Mario will have a mission to stop Bowser and prevent the volcano erupt. For Mario can enter the volcano, you need a cannon to get a house. But the house is locked, and Bowser stole the key and given to the King Piranha Plant. Now Mario will have to pick up the stars to be able to unlock the door that leads to the Piranha Plant's Land and retrieve the key


Course 1: Autumn Fields
Course 2: Pokey's Ruins
Course 3: Field of Frozen Flowers
Course 4: Koopa Mountain
Course 5: Mr. I Mansion
Course 6: Dungeon of Colors
Course 7: Special Course (This level can only be found at the end of the game)

Bowser Levels:

Piranha Plant's Land (King Piranha Plant Boss)
Bowser in the Volcano


Island Part
Bob-omb Village
Night Land


HUB 1 (Part 1) (Island Part)
[Image: screenshots_1_by_davidholanda1-dah5lre.png]

[Image: project64_2016_09_09_15_44_52_355_by_dav...ah5l7r.png]
HUB 1 (Part 2) (Bob-omb Village)
[Image: screenshots_4_by_davidholanda1-dah5ne7.png]
[Image: project64_2016_09_09_15_46_53_612_by_dav...ah5l6c.png]
[Image: project64_2016_09_09_15_47_03_206_by_dav...ah5l5q.png][Image: project64_2016_09_09_15_47_53_194_by_dav...ah5mik.png]
Course 1: Autumn Fields
[Image: screenshots_5_by_davidholanda1-dah5nug.png]
[Image: screenshots_6_by_davidholanda1-dah5ntq.png]
[Image: project64_2016_09_09_15_51_49_428_by_dav...ah5l4c.png]

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