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Mario Adventure
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[Image: zLDVsRDl.png]

One of the most popular emulators, mainly because of its multiplatform ability, and the fact that it's completely open-source. A stable release hasn't been released since 2005, but this emulator has been ported to a multiple number of systems mainly because of its stability and open-source release. The project is rumored to be somehow outdated, the newer versions is known as Mupen64Plus.

Version Recommendation

Only the newest version of each port is currently available. We recommend the newest that fits for your system.

General problems

Some errors preventing certain hacks from running can be solved by setting "Memory Size" to 8MB and "Counter Factor" to 1. 

Visit Website
The official website for Mupen64 is This project took years to develop, so if you like the system, consider making a donation. Donation button is in the website below the first news article.


VersionDownloadDesctiptionRelease Date
0.5.1 Windows
.exe   mupen64 0.5.1.exe (Size: 2.03 MB / Downloads: 4 787)
Latest stable release for Mupen64 for Windows.August 26th 2005
0.5 Linux
.bz2   mupen64-0.5.tar.bz2 (Size: 1.79 MB / Downloads: 1 237)
Latest stable release of Mupen64 for Linux.August 26th 2005
0.4 FreeBSDDeletedPort of Mupen64 for the FreeBSD operating system by tlpOctober 13th 2004
0.5 MacOSX
.sitx   mupen64-PR1.dmg.sitx (Size: 1.94 MB / Downloads: 1 553)
Port of Mupen64 for Mac users, by Adam Green and Lamer0Unknown
0.0.4 QNX
.gz   mupen64-004-qnx-tar.gz (Size: 1.09 MB / Downloads: 1 168)
Port of Mupen64 for the QNX Operating System by MuadJuly 6th 2002
0.0.4 BeOS
.zip (Size: 532.54 KB / Downloads: 1 136)
Port of Mupen64 for the BeOS operating system, by Claus WindelerJuly 26th 2002
SM64Hacks is 100% non-profit Mario

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