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Super Mario Star Road
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Q: What is a Rom Hack and an sm64hack?

A: A Rom Hack is an edited or "hacked" version of an original game usually for a console. The game is extracted from the console disk or catrige into a file, called a ROM file, or just a rom. From there, everything may be changed or edited, thereby becoming a hacked rom or a "Rom Hack"

An sm64hack is a Rom Hack based on the game of Super Mario 64.

Q: I've downloaded the Rom Hack, but I can't seem to run it, what do I do?

A: A rom is not executable itself, and must be loaded into an emulator in order for you to play it. We recommend Project 64 (

Simply install and Project 64, click File then Open and open your rom file. It should play now.

Q: I'm doing what you said in the previous question, but it only gives an error and a black screen! What do I do?

A: Don't worry, and follow the steps below.

Open the Rom, after opening, click "Options" then "Settings...". Click on the Options tab, and uncheck "Hide advanced settings". Click the "OK" button and open the setting again. More tabs should be open now. From there, click "Rom Settings". Set "Memory Size" to 8MB and "Counter Factor" to 1.

You should be able to play the game now. If not, try using Project 64 version 1.6 and do the same. If this still doesn't fix it, feel free to ask for help in the forum.

Q: Isn't Roms, Rom Hacks and Emulation illegal?

A: Emulation in itself is not illegal, but some ROMs may contain copyrighted material. As Rom Hacks are merely based on the original games, we consider them to be fan games, and Nintendo allows most of these as long as they are distributed for free.

It's important to remember that our website does not host any Roms, we only list them and guide you to their location.

Q: I'm looking for rom hacks of other Super Mario games, where can I find them?

A: Most rom hacks has a regular website, which has the most hacks of a certain game type. Below is a list depending on the game you like.

NEW Super Mario Bros. Wii - RVLution
Paper Mario - Origami64
SMW2 Yoshi's Island - SMW Central
Super Mario 64 DS -  Kuribo 64
Super Mario World -  SMW Central
Mario Kart Wii - Custom Mario Kart Wiiki

Others can be found at ex.
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